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generator maintenance

Protecting your investment in an emergency backup generator system is important. Backup power systems need to be properly maintained to ensure dependability, longevity, and performance.

Preventive maintenance allows us to reduce the possibility of failure, keep the unit in regulatory compliance and diagnose any issues that may present future problems.

We offer routine service agreements for generator maintenance that includes performing our Major and Minor services and can also custom tailor an agreement to fit your systems needs.

Emergency Power Systems offers:

  • Yearly Maintenance – (1) Major Service
  • Semiannual Maintenance – (1) Major Service and (1) Minor Service
  • Quarterly Maintenance – (1) Major Service and (3) Minor Services

Here are just some of the components we check during each service:

Minor Services:

  • Visually inspect the generator and automatic transfer switch.
  • Check belts for any degradation and tightness.
  • Check oil and coolant levels.
  • Check battery fluid and specific gravity.
  • Check block heater and battery charger.
  • Check alternator charging system and record DC voltage output.
  • Check for any abnormal vibration or fluid leaks.
  • Check voltage and frequency output.
  • Check oil pressure and coolant temperature (if unit is equipped).

Major Service:

  • All of the checks listed for a Minor Service.
  • Change oil and filters.

During the course of our inspection, if we find any issues, we will try to correct the issue while at your location, saving a second service call, if possible.

Let us tailor the right generator maintenance agreement for your specific needs. Quarterly, semi-annual and annual inspection and service program intervals that meet your schedule, as well as the manufacturer's requirements, are available. We also offer a complete system functionality test to keep your system in perfect working order.